Welcome to the United for a Stronger America Political Action Committee!

USA PAC is the Congressional Leadership Political Action Committee founded in 2006 by Congressman Adam Schiff, Democrat from California, who was first elected to Congress in 2000. He was asked by Democratic Leadership in Washington to help lead an effort in the Western States to “take back the House”. Our express purpose at USAPAC is turning “red” congressional districts “blue”, and defending “blue” Democratic incumbents in hotly contested Congressional races, principally in California and the West. Over the years, the map has expanded. We have supported candidates across the Country.  Support raised for USA PAC is solely for the purpose of electing Democrats to the House, Congressman Schiff takes no USA PAC funds for his own campaign.

We evaluate the races and seek to be a “tipping point” in close elections. We chose candidates who have solid credentials, a proven record of being able (in these partisan times) of working across the aisle and getting things done. We want problem solvers who put the interests of the country first, and firmly believe what Bill Clinton once said: “There is nothing wrong in America that can’t be fixed by what is right in America.” We are looking to support candidates and officeholders who will be part of the solution to the nation’s many challenges and help fix our broken governance. We believe these traits make for a long-term Members of Congress with staying power who will be effective members. We look to oppose vulnerable “tea party” style candidates or other doctrinaire office holders of the opposite party who show no interest in working together. Our supporters include Democrats, Independents and moderate Republicans.

Over the last few election cycles, USA PAC has made a name for itself by providing Congressional candidates with volunteers for everything from canvassing to phone banking, financial support, member visits, press, and consultation.

USA PAC support means money for campaign literature and lawn signs, staffing of phone banking operations and “get out the vote” efforts, and online action and information campaigns in the blogosphere and among citizen journalists to boost awareness and support for our Democratic candidates around the country. Just getting out the vote makes for a stronger America!

In 2006, we supported more than 30 Congressional races and helped turn many red seats blue and “took back the house”. In 2008, we helped to turn even more seats blue and helped America emerge from the Great Recession.

In 2010 and 2012, USA- PAC continued in the fight to hold seats against a debilitating tea party tide. 2014 and 2016, we fought the same battles, with hyper-partisanship ahead of responsible representation winning the day.

Looking to 2018, we must increase our efforts to elect a Democratic Congress that will work to pass critical legislation on our domestic and foreign policy fronts. The past few cycles have seen the partisanship in DC divide us even further.

It is your support, your involvement and your contributions that allow us to continue our efforts. It is only through the action of the “grassroots” community that we can change Congress to reflect the values we stand for and that reflect mainstream Americans views across the country. We focus on fairness, equality, civility, and respect for others. USA PAC is dedicated to this effort and relies on Americans like you to make our vision for this country a reality.

If you share our vision, please consider supporting our cause. A financial contribution, volunteered time and energy, net-roots activism, or just spreading the word by linking to our website are all crucial to the success of our efforts. Help us elect the candidates that will make your voice heard. USA PAC is a support system for Democratic candidates, but ultimately it is a support system for all Americans who believe in civility, fairness, and progress. Get involved today.

Let us know if you can help and we would love to have you aboard this coming cycle to help elect candidates who will build a stronger America!

Kenneth D. Sulzer Chairman

Kevin A. Werner – Executive Committee Board Member

Raymond R. Kepner – Executive Committee Board Member

Janelle Carney – Executive Committee Board Member

Debi EvansExecutive Director Field Organization

Patricia HortonSocial Media Director/Field Organization

Thom O’Shaughnessy Field Organization

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