Archie Parnell

Candidate, South Carolina 5th District

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WHO IS HE?: Archie is a Tax Attorney from Sumter, South Carolina.  He attended the University of South Carolina as an Undergraduate (Go Gamecocks!), and Georgetown University for Law School (Go Hoyas!)


  • Archie wants to create a tax code that promotes economic growth and good paying jobs, as well as fairness.
  • Archie wants Medicare and Medicaid to negotiate for lower drug prices and require pharmaceutical drug companies to justify their prices by disclosing expenditures on R&D.
  • Archie will fight tooth and nail to protect Social Security and Medicare.  Taking away what people have worked a lifetime for just to give trillion-dollar tax breaks to the wealthy and big corporations is wrong.
  • Archie believes that access to affordable healthcare is a fundamental right, and will fight to protect and improve the Affordable Care Act.

Make sure to visit Archie’s website, and read up on the other issues he wants to tackle when he’s in Washington.

OPPONENT: Ralph Norman (this is the guy who pulled out a gun while meeting with his constituents).  (New York Times, April 9, 2018).

FUN FACT: Frank Underwood from House of Cards represented the South Carolina 5th District in the show.  So, Archie decided to have a little fun with that and made a video mimicking the show.  (The rest of his videos are funny and informative as well, so be sure to visit his YouTube channel).

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